Show and Tell 1

Show and Tell 1 (co-authored with Amadeu Marques & Branca Fabrício). São Paulo: Ática, 2001.

Show and Tell is a 5-volume collection of English for Brazilian children. It is designed for primary education in Brazil (Ensino Fundamental 1) and it is built on the assumption that English learning can be not only fun but also educational more broadly, helping the children reflect about cultural values and attitudes, differences and participation in the social world. 

Show and Tell 1 is designed for the 2o ano of Ensino Fundamental (former 1a série) in Brazil and it contains 6 units around the following themes: 

  • Miss Cool and her students
  • At home
  • At the pet shop
  • In the park
  • At the dentist’s office
  • At the museum
  • At the toy store

The work emphasizes oral practice (listening, speaking) through music, games, projects and other activities that foster interaction and collaboration among learners.

Out of print.

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