It all started in 1994

Passionate, creative, energetic, nonetheless focused, methodic, committed. These are some of the words that cross my mind when I think of Denise Santos. Definitely one of the most talented, professional, and competent authors I had the pleasure to work with.

Cristina do Vale (ELT textbooks editor, currently working as Content Creation Coordinator at
Macmillan Education Brasil)

“I had the privilege to work with Denise Santos on editorial projects in recent years and I have to say that in my 20+ years in publishing, I have never worked with a more accomplished and talented author. Denise brings her wealth of knowledge and creativity to every project in which she is involved. She always has the learner and the teacher in mind when developing content, and this shows in everything she does. She brings the best resources and tools that English Language Learning academia has to offer, right into the real world classroom with efficacy and creativity.”

Kelly Tavares (Country Head Brazil, Cambridge Assessment English)
Contextos: Curso Intermediário de Português
In the Loop
Coleção Loop
Team Up
Strategies for Second Language Listening
Bons Negócios
Como Ler Melhor em Inglês
Como Ouvir em Inglês
Como Ler Falar em Inglês
Como Escrever Melhor em Inglês
Ensino de Língua Inglesa: Foco em Estratégias
Beginner’s Brazilian Portuguese
Beginner’s Brazilian Portuguese
Projeto Identidade: Inglês
Take Over: Volume Único
Take Over 1
Take Over 2
Take Over 3
Take Over 1: 2ª edição
Take Over 2: 2ª edição
Take Over 3: 2ª edição
Links: English for Teens 6º ano
Links: English for Teens 7º ano
Links: English for Teens 8º ano
Links: English for Teens 9º ano
Show and Tell: First Steps
Show and Tell 1
Show and Tell 2
Show and Tell 3
Show and Tell 4
Mystery at the Campsite
The Puzzle
A dangerous journey
Stones and Bones
Treasure Hunt
Roman Games
Space Kids
October 31
Summer Sports
Teenage Troubles
On Stage