Workshops and Seminars

“I invited Denise Santos to present a workshop on listening comprehension strategies to an audience of teachers of Portuguese as a foreign language. Given her background in Applied Linguistics, her expertise in FL materials, and her own experience as a FL teacher, I had no doubts that she would deliver a very good presentation. However, her workshop went far beyond my expectations. The workshop incorporated elements of linguistic research, awareness-raising activities, practice from the learner’s and the teacher’s point of view–all presented in a seamless manner that invited the audience to participate in the workshop and to analyze critically their own practice and the materials they used. As one participant summarized in the feedback sheet, ‘Excellent speaker and presented material in an engaging manner’.  I hope Denise will be able to join us in future events and share with us her knowledge of things foreign language once again.”

Gláucia V. Silva (Acting Graduate Program Director, Department of Portuguese University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)

“Your talks are always a pleasure to attend. I must admit I like your approach and enthusiasm within the teaching profession. As teachers we always need to improve our skills and there are people like you who do not mind sharing their teaching experience. To me enthusiasm is the key to success, and it was such fun at the same time.”

Laure Porter (French teacher in the UK)

Some workshops and seminars I have led include:

  • Teaching listening with a focus on processes: Key issues and pedagogical implications. Portuguese as a global language: Challenges and opportunities in teaching and learning. University of Essex, 30 June 2015.
  • Compreensão oral: foco em processos. Centro de Línguas Ann Arbor, Rio de Janeiro, October 2015.
  • Teaching listening in a foreign language: Key issues and pedagogical implications. Bracknell and Wokingham College, UK, January 2014. 
  • Listening in the languages classroom: Developing teacher educators’ understanding and practice (with Suzanne Graham). Seminar for professionals involved in Initial Training Education sponsored by the Higher Education Academy and held at the University of Reading, 27 February 2013.
  • Making the most of your textbook. Bracknell and Wokingham College, UK, February 2011.
  • Using the textbook critically and creatively (Invited Talk). 6th Annual Conference on Portuguese Language Education, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, 19-20 September 2008.
  • Developing listening strategies in L2 teaching and learning (Invited Workshop). 4th Annual Conference on Portuguese Language Education, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, September 2006.
  • Um olhar sobre o outro: o diferente também é ‘normal’. Colégio Andrews, Rio de Janeiro, August 2002.
  • Communication in Portuguese: Theoretical considerations and implications for the development of instructional materials. American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) Annual Meeting, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 2002.
  • O ensino de línguas estrangeiras: implicações teóricas e aplicações na sala de aula. Centro de Línguas Ann Arbor, Rio de Janeiro, August 2002.

Post-graduate teaching

“Denise’s approach to questioning the ideologies and assumptions behind many classroom materials was eye-opening. I continue to draw on the ideas she introduced several years ago in her module on Materials Development, and this still has an influence on every course I develop, and every class I teach. The students I work with have often thanked me for helping them to notice and challenge problematic generalisations within published materials. Instead of thanking me, they should thank Denise.”

Jane Blackwell (Academic Writing Centre Institute of Education, University of London)

“As a major part of my MA, I completed a module in Materials Development led by Denise Santos. She offered me outstanding leadership and encouragement throughout the course. Her incisive feedback enabled me to achieve a top grade. I believe the confidence gained from her inspirational teaching and support led to my subsequently gaining a Distinction and, after that, to a much more fulfilling professional career.”

James Pooler Clements (ESOL Tutor, Essex, UK)

Some modules I have taught at postgraduate level include:

  • Materials Development, MA TESOL, University of London.
  • Intercultural Communication, MA ELT & MA AL, University of Reading.
  • Second Language Teaching and Learning, MA/PG Dip in Education, University of Reading.