Links: English for Teens 9º ano

Links: English for Teens 9 (co-authored with Amadeu Marques). São Paulo: Ática, 2009.

Links is a collection of 4 English books for the first four years of secondary education in Brazil (Years 6-9 of Ensino Fundamental). 

This collection has been approved by the Brazilian Programa Nacional do Livro Didático [Textbook National Programme] 2011.

The collection is built on the assumption that English learning has to be developed from connections those learners already have with the English language, namely: the Internet, music, movies, TV series, food and drink, sayings on T-shirts to name a few. 

Those connections gain life in the collection through two sets of Brazilian students and their teachers of English. Over the years, those students — and the ones who learn English through Links — develop their knowledge not only about the target language but also about themselves and the world surrounding them. 

Links: English for Teens 9 is the fourth volume in the series. It contains 10 units all of which follow this sequence:

  • Let’s Read!
  • Let’s Listen!
  • Let’s Speak!
  • Grammar in Action
  • Grammar Notes
  • Words in Action
  • Let’s Write!
  • Let’s Play!
  • Let’s Stop and Think!

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