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Como Falar Melhor Inglês – Estratégias 2 // São Paulo: DISAL, 2012.

denise_santos_estrategias_como_falar_capa_fechadaWritten in Portuguese, the series Estratégias (Strategies) presents and discusses procedures that can facilitate the learning and use of the English language in its four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

The series is written for those with different levels of proficiency in English: those with a lower proficiency level may learn about ways of dealing with spoken and written communication more effectively; those with a higher proficiency level (including teachers of English) can find both theoretical information and practical suggestions that may help enhance their teaching of learner strategies.

This volume – Como falar melhor em inglês – is the second volume in the series and it focuses on speaking strategies. Each of the 40 speaking strategies presented in the book is organised as follows:

  • Presentation of a speaking situation that poses a challenge for the speaker
  • Discussion of the speaking strategy more generally and also in relation to its application in the speaking situation
  • Exercises for further practice of the strategy in focus
  • Suggestions for supplementary activities

Some of the strategies presented in this book are:

  • Using non-verbal communication
  • Observing the pronunciation of words that usually cause problems for Brazilian speakers
  • Expanding and connecting ideas
  • Clarifying what has been said
  • Creating involvement in interaction

→ In Brazil, the book can be purchased directly from the publisher or from major bookshops or distributors.

→ Out of Brazil, the book is available on www.amazon.com or  www.amazon.co.uk.

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