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Beginner’s Brazilian Portuguese (co-authored with Gláucia Silva). São Paulo: DISAL, 2012.

denise_santos_bbp_disalBeginner’s Brazilian Portuguese is a course in Brazilian Portuguese for young adult and adult learners. It is designed to develop learners’ basic communicative skills by introducing elementary-level grammar, vocabulary and communicative functions in Brazilian Portuguese.

The book is organised around 7 clear and concise units which provide the beginner learner with user-friendly opportunities to understand and use the target language in context in the four linguistic skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). In addition to the development of these linguistic skills, Beginner’s Brazilian Portuguese also includes extensive work on pronunciation and systematic work on the development of learning strategies. It also offers insights into cultural aspects related to the target language.

This book is ideal for students, travellers and businesspeople who are taking their first steps in the learning of Brazilian Portuguese. It is designed for both classroom use and self-study. Key features:

  • 2 CDs accompany the book containing recordings by Brazilian-Portuguese speakers to be used for oral comprehension work and pronunciation practice.
  • Vocabulary is selected and organised carefully with an emphasis on everyday situations.
  • A bilingual glossary (English-Brazilian Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese-English) is included at the end of the book containing the vocabulary present in the book.
  • Grammar is introduced in context (in both spoken and written texts) and accompanied by clear explanations and ample opportunities for practice.
  • Intensive practice on pronunciation skills, focusing on individual sounds, word stress and intonation and including different accents in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Balanced focus on accuracy and fluency in the presentation and practice of the target language.
  • Key to exercises in both print and audio recording.

→ The book can be purchased directly from the publisher or from major bookshops or distributors in Brazil.


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