Language teaching education, materials development and research.

I offer workshops and mini-courses for teachers and students in several areas in language teaching in learning. Past and forthcoming topics include:

  • Materials analysis and development
  • Culture matters for language teachers
  • Face-to-face interaction: what it is and how to teach it
  • Teaching listening strategies
  • Using the textbook critically and creatively
  • Communicative competence: learning to speak or speaking to learn?
  • Developing young learners’ critical thinking through reading
  • Materials for teaching the language skills
  • Understanding learning styles
  • Discourse analysis for language teachers

I also do consultancy work in materials development and research in several areas in applied linguistics more broadly and in English or Portuguese teaching more specifically. Recent contributions include:

  • Research into the teaching of foreign language teaching in secondary schools in England and subsequent materials development for the development of listening strategies (with Suzanne Graham, from the University of Reading, as part of the project Second language listening comprehension in England: From current practice to improved pedagogy, funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation).
  • Elaboration of Part 3 (English in the World) in the MA Module Investigating Language in Action, Open University, UK.

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