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Emerson, on the work of genius

"Take thankfully and heartily all they can give. Exhaust them, wrestle with them, let them not go until their blessing be won, and after a short season the dismay will be overpast, the excess of influence withdrawn, and they will be no longer an alarming meteor, but one more bright star shining in your heaven and blending its light with you all day." (from the essay "Intellect" by Ralph Waldo Emerson)

I've resorted to those words over and over as a source of inspiration, and keep finding myself going back to them for different reasons. I find this excerpt not only beautifully written; it's also extremely intense: every time I read those words I can't help having this feeling combining awe, reverence, fascination, bewilderment - it almost hurts (in a good way!).

Thanks for my son Mauricio for drawing my attention to those words - I hope my readers enjoy Emerson's piece of advice too.

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